BREAKING: Wyoming Dem State Chair Demands ED Resignation

BREAKING: Wyoming Dem State Chair Demands ED Resignation

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The following e-mail was distributed to certain parties in the Wyoming state legislature.

Subject: Transition
Date: 2015-02-10 11:14
From: Current Chair <>
To: Legislators <>


Dear Legislators,
There will be a formal press release later on this week, but I wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that I have asked Executive Director Robin Van Ausdall to resign, and she has agreed.
 I will be happy to discuss individually and personally with any of you that may have questions and concerns about this decision, or how the party will continue to function while we transition.
I have asked Aimee Van Cleave to step in as Interim Director and she will be announced formally and begin officially as of Tuesday Feb 17 when she will be attending DNC meetings in Washington DC. I do believe she will be attending the caucus meeting tomorrow but not officially for the WDP.
There will be some other changes coming through as we navigate this transition, and you can be confident that I will be doing my utmost to protect the image and function of the Wyoming Democratic Party. I have the support of my Executive Committee, past leadership, and am being helped by the ASDC/DNC and Kyle DeBeer as we go through this.
Thank you for your support and generosity this past weekend at NTR, and I look forward to continuing to work closely with the Caucus to ensure the success of candidates and your own future elections.
Feel free to call me or email anytime.
Democratically yours,

Ana Cuprill

Wyoming Democratic Party
State Chair
307-413-7133 (mobile)


  1. Good move. Ana Cuprill is an excellent party chair. She would be a spectacular Democratic candidate for Rep. Lummis’s US House seat in 2016. I believe it will be the only statewide race in that presidential election year, and Wyoming Democrats deserve to have someone as good as Ana as the party’s candidate.

  2. Democraps in Wyoming, and around the country in fact, are better described by another name that more closely reflects their politics: rethuglicans. In Wyoming, one of the first things a ‘crap running for federal office does is express respect and high regard for the worthless, wealth-serving, fascist incumbent, and then they pledge fiscal conservatism. What’s the point in voting for that kind of “opposition”? I just leave those offices blank on the ballot, as I do for any office above the local level where only a single candidate’s name appears.

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