Infographic: The Penalty for Motherhood

Infographic: The Penalty for Motherhood

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The systematic lack of aid and protections for women who’ve had children is known colloquially as the Motherhood Penalty. It results in, amongst other things, a marked difference in earnings between mothers and non-mothers. This is highly problematic due to Wyoming’s already huge Gender Wage Gap, the growing prevalence of mothers as breadwinners, not to mention the moral issues inherent in any form of discrimination.

But how problematic is this Motherhood Penalty, really? Let’s take a look at the numbers;


            Even though the rest of the United States is fine lagging behind the world, we as a state can choose to be a national leader as we have time and time again. Let’s put Wyoming families first, starting with our daughters, sisters and wives. I urge you, people of Wyoming, tell your legislators that we demand a law protecting the state’s pregnant women.


As always, I got the information to put this together here, here and here (look in the paid family leave section for that last one.)


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